Baby Wipes

Gen’s bout with Rotavirus seems to be resolving, thankfully.  A tiny person like her really doesn’t have much stamina for the intensity of this virus, with its potential for such calorie loss and near dehydration.  Poor baby; she sure kept us praying hard this week!  
Since we are cloth diapering, the severity of Gen’s symptoms required that I sew up an additional batch of cloth baby wipes.  I had already planned on making some more, since we didn’t have quite enough, but this moved up the urgency!

I had some flannel leftover from making Calvin some pajama pants for Christmas, but not enough to make something for Gen to wear.  So, this was perfect for baby wipes!  I free-handedly cut out rectangles into appropriate sizes, and then zig-zag stitched around the edges with red thread.  Perfect!  

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