Frugal Friday: Bowl Covers

Today was my day for running errands.  We went to pick up our monthly co-op order, stopped by New Seasons and Win-Co, and put gas in the car.  Since all these stops are in virtually the same area, I wait and do all my errands on the same day to save on gas.  Plus, I make my stops in a “circular route,” so I don’t end up backtracking.
One of my purchases today was my “Frugal Friday” tip: Reusable Bowl Covers!  My mom always used them when we were growing up, and we would joke that they were “shower caps” (that’s basically what they look like).  This saves on the amount of plastic wrap/foil we use to cover bowls of leftovers in the refrigerator.  They come in a range of sizes (3″ – 10″ in diameter), so we can cover small or large bowls.  New Seasons has them on sale this week for $1.50 per package.  They can usually be found in stores that have “specialty” kitchen items; two common brands are Norpro and Fox Run.  
We also picked up some organic carrots on sale at New Seasons for 59 cents a pound.  It was so much fun to see Gen (age 14 1/2 mths) excited to go into the produce section.  She yelled “Num Nums!”  as soon as she saw all those fruits and vegetables.  (Maybe we’re doing something right!)  Thank you God, for simple blessings! 
Visit Biblical Womanhood for more Frugal Friday tips! 
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