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I will be continually adding to this list. This is a compilation of the recipes that I have posted to this blog site so far. If I have adapted recipes from someone else, I give credit whenever possible. In my meal plans, I have many links to books/other sites that provide recipes that we use.

I enjoy experimenting with “Nourishing Traditions” style foods, but not all the recipes are in that genre. Mainly, they are just quick, frugal, healthy meals!

Overall, I cook with real ingredients; no chemicals, additives, or preservatives allowed! :) I try to avoid canned foods and pastas as well, and especially focus on eating seasonally. We use organic foods whenever possible.

All recipes have been tested on my family, and have been enjoyed. I will never post an “experimental” recipe, until it reaches my satisfaction! However, I tend to avoid measuring, and will often approximate the amounts called for. Please feel free to adjust a recipe to your personal tastes, and let me know what you did! :)

I do make my own mayonnaise, which many of the salad recipes call for. However, yogurt or sour cream often make perfect substitutes (in whole or part), if you prefer. Keep in mind, many of the breakfasts and breads make wonderful snacks.

You are welcome to leave comments or questions regarding these recipes at the individual recipe links! For more favorite resources and homemade items, see my “Top Posts/FAQ” page

Kitchen Tips & Hints
Xanthan Gum Substitute (for gluten-free baking)



Baby Food

Salads/Light Meals


Suppers/One Pot Meals/Slow-Cooking
Easy Meatballs (Gluten-Free!) with freezing instructions
Marinara Sauce with freezing instructions

Side Dishes
Herbed Cider Pear Stuffing (for Thanksgiving!)

On The Grill

Dairy Products
Homemade Hot Cocoa (Better than the coffee shop!)
Condiments & Jams
Homekeeping/Gardening Products
Beauty/Hygiene Products
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