Bargain Day

Today was my day of bargain-finding!  Our first stop this morning was a children’s consignment store.  We were able to find a little potty (in lime green!) for 25% off (for a total of about $6)!  We had hoped to find a baby gate, too, but they didn’t have any that would work for us.  I think it will be awhile before we really push the potty training.  However, Gen has been telling us when she’s going in her diaper, so we got the potty just in case we decide to give it a try.  

Then we went to the Japanese Gardens, where they were having “Free Admission Day.”  A couple weeks ago, I saw a poster at the library advertising the “free” day, and I’m glad I remembered it!  We were freezing, but it was worth it.  The garden was beautiful, and we didn’t even make it through the entire area. We will have to plan on going back (next time they have free admission!).  To warm up, we stopped by the Rose Garden Gift Shop to get cups of free sample Rose Tea.  (Even Gen liked the tea!)  I really wanted to get some of the rose essential oil, but we will have to save up for it.

Afterward, we stopped by the cloth diapering store to pick up some African Shea Butter for Gen’s dry skin, and ordered some (backordered) Kushies diaper liners.  I love supporting a local store, and they have wonderful customer service!  (Plus, I don’t have to pay for shipping!) 
Our final stop was the grocery store to get milk.  God blessed us again with “manager’s specials” on milk!  Each gallon was marked down about 50%, so I had enough left in my budget to buy a chicken!  I found good chicken on sale, marked down to $3 (originally $8).   I put the chicken in the freezer for later.  
While Gen took her nap, we ate our lunch while finishing our taxes online, and updating the FAFSA.  Due to the adoption credit, we had to use the “deluxe” version of the tax software, for $9.95.  But usually, we can use the free program.  (We use Tax Act.)  It was still cheaper than our past accountant used to be, though, and the refund definitely made up for it!  
Thank you, God, for blessing us today, and for allowing me to take care of my family!

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