Frugal Friday: Half A Cake

This week is the Ultimate Blog Party!  If you’re looking for my party post, go here, and get to know a little more about me.  Otherwise, stick around for a delicious frugal tip!  

My Frugal Friday tip (which is in the oven right now) is for a special party treat: Cake!  The recipe I am making today is found here: Vegan White Cake.  Since we have a small family (2 adults, and one toddler), I really don’t need to make an entire 9 x 13″ pan of cake.  Instead, I halve the recipe, and bake it in a smaller pyrex dish (such as 9 x 9″ or 7 x 11″).  
This gives us plenty of cake for a special after-dinner dessert, plus some leftover to pack in lunches.  (If we were having company or attending a potluck, I might make the whole recipe, though.)  If I had made the whole recipe, I’m sure we probably would have ended up eating it.  So, this not only saves money on ingredients, it also saves on empty calories, which I might regret eating later!  
An additional savings can be found in reconstituting powdered nonfat milk to use in this recipe, instead of liquid milk.  Plus, this recipe doesn’t call for any eggs!  
Also, instead of frosting the cake, we just put some sweetened frozen berries on top when we serve it.  This certainly saves on all the ingredients that might go into a frosting (butter, sugar, cocoa, etc.), and is more healthy as well.  So, thanks for stopping by for a piece of cake!  
Visit Biblical Womanhood for more Frugal Friday tips!  
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