Frugally Finding Books

I posted this on Wednesday, but realized it also fits into the “Frugal Friday” category.  So, I’m adding the “Friday” link, just in case anyone else would find it helpful.

We are enjoying Calvin’s Spring Break right now, but also preparing for the next semester/year.  Since Calvin has been in college the entire time we’ve been married (5+ years), buying textbooks has become “old hat” to us.
Often, used books have limited availability in the college bookstore, or they are still high-priced.  Thus, the online search begins.  Many sites offer books at a discounted rate, but it can take time to sort through and compare them.  
A new site has made textbook buying even easier for us:  Dave’s Campus.  It searches many different sites, and shows you where you can get the cheapest books.  We just received a book that Calvin had ordered, and the whole process worked perfectly!  You can find other books, music, or movies through there, also; not just textbooks.   
Instead of browsing through various sites, looking for the perfectly-priced book, CD, or DVD, this site works for me!  (By the way, I am related to ‘Dave,’ but I am posting this of my own free will, with no affiliation/compensation.)  
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