Happy Easter!

This year, instead of an Easter basket, we gave Gen a purse.  (She’s been loving other people’s purses lately, so I figured she would want one of her own.)  Inside the purse, we put in a couple books, a pair of striped socks, and fun organic “tropical” fruit baby food (instead of candy).  Nana & Grandpa sent her an Easter “Little People” set.  She loved it all!  
Last night at bedtime, Gen enjoyed the Passover and Easter stories out of the Toddler Bible that we picked up from the library.  Today, we called Nana & Grandpa on Skype, so that they could watch her open the gift.  She had so much fun saying “Hi” to them!  She has been wearing her purse and putting things in and out of it all afternoon.  We have such a “girly” girl- especially in her “vintage” hand-me-down Easter dress!  What a precious gift.

For our Easter dessert, instead of making the pumpkin cookies like I had originally planned, I decided to make a lemon cake.  (It seemed more “Easter-y”!)  I made this white cake, along with this “marshmallow” frosting.  (I added lemon and vanilla extracts to both the cake and the frosting, NOT mint!)  Since I didn’t buy any Peeps this year, it was fun to have a cake slightly reminiscent of this marshmallow treat.  (I didn’t add any food coloring, either.)  
As Calvin and I cooked and ate our dinner together, we shared about childhood memories in association with Easters past.  We remembered the childhood joy of Resurrection Sunday, and once again, we felt overwhelming gratitude to God for His “indescribable gift!”  We felt a sense of awe, as we contemplated the “hugeness” of the fact that we are participating in the same gift as the men that Jesus met on the road to Emmaus; the gift that God had planned even since Adam and Eve.  It is incredible to realize that prophecies all throughout time prior to Jesus’ death and resurrection, were preparing people for this very gift.  There is such joy in knowing that God has been, and always will be, victorious.  He is risen!  
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