Menu Plan Monday

Here is my menu plan for the week.  It’s funny, Calvin had started to make plans for last weekend, and then stopped and said, “Oh, will that mess up your menu plans?”  I told him that “A menu plan is like a budget; it’s flexible.  We’ll be fine.”  Since he does our family budget, he understood that analogy.  He’s always telling me, “It’s okay; we control the budget, it doesn’t control us.”  He is really enjoying being able to check the blog, and see what’s for dinner. (Plus, if I’ve included a recipe, then he can start making it if I am out.)

I bought a big 64 oz tub of plain yogurt on sale from the co-op this month, so yogurt appears frequently throughout the week.  Also, we were able to find a gallon of milk on sale for $1.50 (“manager’s special” at QFC).  Thank you, God, for your provision!  I’ve also found that “vegan” recipes are a frugal way to cook, since many of them don’t call for eggs or milk.  (However, I can substitute those items back in, if I have them on hand.)  
For more “Meal Plan Monday” ideas, visit the Organizing Junkie blog!
Dinner: Tuna Casserole, Beets, Green Salad w/Homemade Dressing
Lunch: Black Bean Soup, Yogurt, Vegan Corn Muffins, Grapes
Dinner: Shrimp Pasta with White Sauce, Carrot/Celery Sticks
Dinner: Hungarian Baked Chicken, Macaroni Salad, Broccoli
Lunch: Thai Peanut Noodles with Veggies
Dinner: Vegan French Toast, Pears, Yogurt
Dinner: Homemade Chili (Substitute TVP & Homemade Salsa), Yogurt, Oranges, Biscuits & Honey
Dinner: Pineapple Chicken (Baked), Homemade Finnish Flat Bread, Green Salad
Breakfast: Coffee Cake (Make Saturday), Yogurt 
Lunch: Cheese & Broccoli Stuffed Shells (Substitute Cottage Cheese & Mozzarella), Green Beans (Make Saturday and refrigerate)
Dinner: Vegetarian Corn Chowder, Leftover Finnish Flat Bread, Carrot/Celery Sticks
Edited to add: Hmm… I may need to substitute this recipe instead of the coffee cake!  (Thanks, Pioneer Woman!)
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