Tackling Toddler Clothes & The Thrift Store

Today, Calvin stayed home with Gen in the morning, so that I could go out on my own to do a round of errands for a couple hours.  Along with going to the bank and the library, I decided to investigate a Goodwill store that I hadn’t been to before.

It was a different thrift store shopping experience for me!  It was a huge “outlet-sized” store, full of large (several feet long) bins.  Shoppers were digging through the bins, and tossing items in

their shopping carts.  There was no semblance of organization to these bins.  All bins contained an assortment of clothing types and sizes, household items (bedding, towels), shoes, coats, and small toys.  In one bin, I even saw a record, and a sleeping bag sack!

Everything was sold by the pound.  After loading up the shopping cart, I was instructed to wheel the cart onto a scale, and charged by the pound!

Since we are nearing the end of our clothing stockpile for Gen, I figured it was time to start scouting around for toddler clothing. Yesterday, I “tackled” the task of sorting through Gen’s clothes, and making a list of what she will need for the next couple of years.  (Since she isn’t always a “typical” size, I often need the next size up before I expect it.)

Having a stock of clothes for her to grow into, prevents me from needing to run to the store at the last minute (and usually paying full price!).  By making a list, I make sure I don’t buy “excess” clothes that will just clutter up her closet.  My main goals were to find pajamas and jackets for Gen, as well as hoping for a couple shirts for me.  (In previous years, I was working long hours in offices, so I haven’t needed much in the way of casual clothes.) 

Well, God provided today!  I came out with a full cartload of clothes for $25.  The cashier told me that I could have added 7 lbs more of clothes, and still stayed at the same price.  She offered to let me go back and get more, but unfortunately I didn’t have time.  (I had to get home so that Calvin could go to class.)  
My cartload included 3 nice jackets (sizes 3T, 4T, and 5/6), a small fleece backpack (Gen is holding it in the photo), an assortment of pajamas, and play clothes in sizes from 2T up to 6x! It’s certainly not a “full wardrobe” in each size, but it’s definitely a start in the right direction! I also found a couple shirts and a belt for myself.   
Calvin and Gen were  thrilled to see all that I had brought home.  (Yes, my little girl already loves pretty clothes!)  I “tackled” the new piles of clothes soon after I got home, by sorting and washing them (no clutter!)  There are more clothes than are shown in the photos.  Sorry, the photos aren’t great; I took them with the computer.  I need to get the real camera out.
I only made it through the first row of bins in the store.  I think I will need to go back sometime just for fun, and do some more browsing.  (The lady in line behind me had books- I love browsing through used books!)  See more great Tackle It Tuesday ideas at 5 Minutes for Mom.  
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