You Have to Put it IN the Oven?!

Wow, I’m exhausted.  I just realized that when I figured out that the loaves of bread I had made (with yummy flaxseeds on top!) weren’t baked.  I went into the kitchen to see how the bread was coming along, and found two cute pans of dough sitting there, nicely waiting for me.  Because I had put them on top of the stove, instead of IN the oven.  Oops.  (I quickly popped them into the warm oven, and had them ready in time for dinner, thankfully!)

Apparently today was yard work day around our apartment.  They decided to use leaf blowers all day (no, I’m not exaggerating!), starting in the morning, and continuing until about 3:00 in the afternoon.  After awhile, I could tune it out.  Unfortunately, though, Gen is afraid of loud machinery noises.  I tried to corral a strung-out toddler all day today, while I was sneezing from allergies (due to the leaf blower!).  
She couldn’t concentrate on anything, and hardly took a nap, because she woke up crying.  Poor baby.  (This is why we can’t vacuum while she’s home; she’s terrified of it!)  She tore the cover of a book, tried to unroll the roll of toilet paper, attempted to empty out her dresser drawers, and threw much of her food on the floor.  I snuggled her up a lot in her blanket (once I got it out of the dryer), and we did lots of silly songs together (and some tickles!), which finally got her smiling.  
In addition to finally baking the bread, I was able to do a couple loads of laundry, get the dishwasher loaded, and prepare dinner.  Once she was bathed and in her pajamas (She has the best Daddy!), it was so precious to see her excited to read a bedtime story out of the Toddler Bible from the library.

However, by then, I was too tired to get in the car, and drive through the stormy evening to “Mom’s Night Out” at the gelato/espresso cafe, with ladies from our playgroup.  I probably needed it, but snuggling up in my own cozy home, watching the storm from inside with my honey sounded more appealing.

Maybe we will have a chance to read more out of the book we’ve been reading together: Intimate Marriage.  We’re really enjoying it so far.  I’m also close to the end of Toddlerwise, as well.  So, on with the fuzzy fleece socks and flannel shirt, and a cup of peppermint tea!  

And you know what… I feel so blessed to be a mama!  Thank you, God, for our little blessing, and for helping me through the day.  
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