Frugal Friday: E-Mail Blessings

Although I do enjoy making cards for friends’ and family members’ birthdays,  anniversaries, and other holidays, sometimes I fall back on the quick and easy e-card routine.  If I don’t have a stamp, or I’m stuck at home with a sick baby, and won’t be walking to the mailbox, an e-card is a great frugal way to bless someone.  It is also a wonderful resource if God prompts my heart to let someone know that I am praying for them today.  I can let them know- for free- instantly!  

When Calvin was a full-time student, and working long hours, I found that sending him an e-card was a great way to connect, even while he was away from home.  (Yeah, there’s nothing better than getting a romantic e-mail at school, huh?) :)  He would also send me e-cards while I was at work.  Plus, on a student’s budget, we couldn’t necessarily afford to buy cards “just because.”  
My favorite source for e-cards with a Christian message is the Family Life website with DaySpring cards.  I have been able to find cards with wonderful “blessing” messages for all types of occasions.  Hallmark is my second choice for e-cards.  
Sometimes e-cards are especially helpful to let somebody know that their “real gift” is on the way, or to send a note when the postage account is empty!  So, send someone a blessing today.  
For more Frugal Friday ideas, go to Biblical Womanhood!
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