Frugal Friday: Restful Retreat

This week, we went on a much-needed “frugal retreat.”  We discovered that a nearby Christian camp/retreat center offered a “personal retreat” option, in which we could rent a unit for $40 a night.  In talking with one of the camp staff, she informed us that other retreat centers offer this option as well.  

 We had a bedroom/bathroom/living & dining room/kitchenette unit all to ourselves.  It was settled into the woods, with peaceful walking paths, and a view overlooking the river.  They provided linens, but we made our own meals, and did our own dishes.  I prepared some easy meals, and brought paper plates as well.  We were amused at the kitchenette dish selection.  We did end up asking for a pot with a lid (there was a small, lid-less pot), and they gave us a lid a few inches too big for the pot!  I balanced it on top, in order to cook beans, and later, popcorn.  (It’s a good thing I brought that cheese grater, though- they didn’t provide one!)  
We found that it was much less expensive than staying at an impersonal hotel, plus it was close to home, so we saved on gas.  (We also were able to spend less time traveling, and more time “on vacation!”)  Everyone there was very friendly and helpful. 

I recommend checking into camps/retreat centers near you.  Some offer rentals year-round, and others are seasonal.  Also, prices often fluctuate seasonally, so keep that in mind.  A fall or spring vacation might be more affordable than a holiday or summer trip.  
During the day, we relaxed together by snuggling together drinking tea and reading books, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  As the day drew to a close, we lit a candle, and watched the sunset outside the large windows, while munching on homemade popcorn and sipping hot cocoa.  Overall, we had a wonderful restful time, and wish it could have been longer!  We praise God that he allowed us to go. 
For more Frugal Friday ideas, go to Biblical Womanhood!  
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