I am taking a moment to stop and be thankful.  For more “Gratituesday” posts, go to Laura’s blog at Heavenly Homemakers!  

  1. As we placed our co-op order last night, we praised God that many of the items we needed were on sale.  (Especially since we needed to stock up two months’ worth, as our local group coordinators will be on vacation, and cancelled our usual monthly order for June.)  
  2. I am thankful for the fresh green lettuce leaves that have been growing in pots on our balcony.  They have been a wonderful addition to our dinner salads!  (Even Gen likes munching on them!)  
  3. I am thankful for the rainy days we have been having.  It reminds me of our courting days, when we would walk to the park on stormy fall evenings, and talk on the swings.  I also love the fresh clear air after the storm; it’s glorious weather!  I can wait for summer.  
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