New Green Leaves & Toddler Life

Calvin took Gen outside last night to thin out the lettuce.  (It’s been growing in pots on our patio.)  We were so excited to have “harvested” our first little green leaves of the year!  I will mix it with some spinach that I have in the refrigerator to make a green salad for tonight’s dinner.

It is so fun to watch Gen developing new skills.  Yesterday, she blew her nose into a tissue, when I asked her to.  Later, she picked up all the cereal pieces from under her high chair, and threw them away in the trash can- without being asked!  Then in the afternoon, after playing with her Legos for an hour, she picked all of them up, and put them pack in their tub- again, without being asked!  
Gen peeled a magnet off of the phone book yesterday, and was fascinated by it.  She toddled around, discovering what it would stick to (stove), and not (Mama’s hand).  It is such a blessing to watch her learn!  
I have been trying to transition to Nourishing Traditions-style recipes over the past couple of weeks, after I read the book from the library.  Right now, I have flour soaking for the Raisin Nut Cookies recipe (found in the book), and black beans soaking for dinner.  (I started them soaking last night.)  
Last night was a relaxing evening (I think we’re still transitioning back from vacation!). We discussed some of the things we’ve been reading and learning lately, and then Calvin poured me a candle-lit lavender bath.  Then I curled up in bed under the quilts with a book, until we read together.  
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