Works For Me Wednesday: Exercise AND Reading!

I recently joined a walking group.  And a book club.  It’s the same group!  It’s a free walking book club for moms!

We meet at the library, put our kids in the strollers, and head out along the walking paths at the park area around the library.  We can discuss the book we’re reading while getting some exercise (and adult conversation!). Our kids enjoy seeing the ducks, geese, and squirrels (and want to bring bread to feed them!), as well as the fountains in the ponds.  After walking, we can pop into the library to pick up books.  
We meet twice a week, so it is nice to be able to take Gen along, and not need a babysitter. Plus, she’s able to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine (or sprinkling rain!) along with me.  She also has fun seeing the other babies.  
Gen & I have enjoyed the walking paths before, and we go to the library often, but this group gives me extra motivation to exercise on a regular basis.  I’ve found that if I don’t have someone to meet, I will tend to “hermit up” at home!  
I originally found out about the group from a poster that one of the moms had put up at our library, on the bulletin board next to the Holds shelf.  Go to See Mommy Run (it’s a nationwide program!), and find a walking/running group in your area.  If you want, see if you can turn it into a book club, as well!  It works for me!  
For more Works For Me Wednesday ideas, to go Rocks In My Dryer.    
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