After a week of waiting and praying, we finally received the answer we had been waiting for (not necessarily the answer we had hoped for, but a final decision nonetheless):  Calvin lost his job on Friday morning.  

We spend the day processing what had happened, and looking toward the future.  We’ve spent the past week discussing “what ifs” and praying for God’s will to be done.  After the inevitable “shock” wore off, though still a bit raw, we began to list “lessons learned in this situation.”  God has been so good to meet us amidst this situation.  

Over the past week, I especially pled with God, asking for His grace to pour out upon the situation.  We were amazed to sit back and watch as His grace abounded throughout the day. Not only did the job end on good terms with his employer (Calvin’s boss said they really regretted having to let him go, and would give a good reference for him), we also had to face our landlord.  

We had been scheduled to begin the process of renewing our lease on Friday with our apartment manager.  The appointment was firm, and could not be rescheduled.  Attendance was a requirement.  So, after the meeting with his boss, Calvin stopped by the office to tell them of his job loss.  We were expecting to be asked to leave, in light of the unemployment (based on prior experiences with this management company).  However, God’s grace was incredible.  The [new] manager actually seemed unfazed by the news as she continued with the paperwork.  “Oh,” she said, “but you’re looking for a new job, right?  That’s okay.”  

As the conversation continued, the blessings continued.  I tentatively broached the subject of moving, since we had been informed upon our move-in, that we would be required to move before Gen turns two.  (We are currently in a one-bedroom apartment.)  We have been eyeing the calendar, ever aware that our lease would be ending soon, and dreading the the thought of packing and moving again.  Plus, moving into a two-bedroom apartment would mean at least a 30% increase in our monthly rent.  We awaited the manager’s answer:

“Well,” she said, “we don’t really like it if tenants try to relocate in the middle of their lease.”  Then the head manager piped up to corroborate the information, “Actually, the rule is that your child must be under two when you move in, but you can stay, even after they turn two!”  So, essentially, not only are we allowed to stay in our apartment; they are requesting that we stay!  Thank you, God!

Calvin has been applying to jobs online, and we’re praying that a new position is available for him soon.  We will focus on continuing to rest in God and His daily provision, as we seek His guidance for the days to come.  We look forward to the days to come.  
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