Breezing Into Summer

The weather around here has been pretty fickle lately; teasing us once in awhile with a possible start of summer weather, and then disappearing into rain again.  This morning started out with a light breeze, but full of sunshine, so off we went (with the umbrella stashed in the back of the car, just in case).

We headed to a Farmer’s Market, to track down a certain farmer.  We’ve been hoping to be part of his CSA this year, but haven’t heard anything in awhile.  After stopping at the market’s information booth, we found him.  It was so nice to meet him, and “shake the hand that feeds you” (as Michael Pollan says in his book “In Defense of Food“).

He told us that they’re undergoing a new organization process, and hopefully, will be able to get back to us soon.  They did have lovely leafy greens for sale, and I felt a bit guilty for not purchasing any, but we still have plenty at home.  

We meandered through the busy market, and admired the beautiful flowers and produce.  (Gen mostly admired all the dogs.)  We did end up purchasing two tomato starts (since the ones I ordered from our co-op did not arrive with my order).  Hopefully, they’ll grow well!  (Our attempt at growing tomatoes didn’t go so well last year.)  
We then went down to the waterfront, for the start of the Rose Festival.  We were able to go on some amazing old ships.  Gen loved trying to “steer” and pulling on the ropes.  She kept saying “boat!”  It was so nice to be out on the water!  
Also, I forgot to mention that my Mother’s Day present arrived earlier this week!  I have adored flowing white nightgowns for decades, and was joyously surprised to receive a new one. It is beautifully made of white muslin by The Scarlet Thread, and even has dainty hand embroidery around the neck and sleeves.  (It’s this one.)  It’s so nice to welcome summer with a new gown, don’t you think?  (Thanks, hon!)  
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