First Blog Award!

Well, we are heading off soon for our short camping trip, but before we go, I wanted to thank Kate for my first Blog Award!  She gave me the “E for Excellent Blog Award” and now I get to pass it on to others whose blogs I find “excellent” as well!  (Thank you, Kate!)  :)  

Although I do enjoy reading a variety of blogs, there are a few that have been especially inspiring to me.  So, in appreciation, I am passing on the “E for Excellent Blog Award” to the following (in no particular order):    
  • Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking–  She has wonderfully thought-out posts that take you step-by-step through healthy, frugal recipes, as well as being full of inspiration for glorifying God as a godly woman. 
  • Stephanie at Keeper of the Home– She has incredible thoughts regarding honoring God through natural, healthy living.  Her blog is definitely one of my favorites!
  • Laura at Heavenly Homemakers– She has a great sense of humor, while serving up healthy meals (often cooked/planned by her handful of fabulous sons!) and highlighting God’s blessings in our lives through Gratituesday posts!
  • Kendra at Heath Happenings– As a God-honoring woman of a large family, she posts when she has the time, and always comes up with deep thoughts to keep me pondering for the next week!
  • Rebecca at Washington Walkers– As a wonderful home-schooling mama and pastor’s wife, she keeps it real with their family’s walk with God, through joys and sorrows, challenges and successes.  (But look out- if you stop by, you might end up helping shovel manure!) :)  
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