Despite the discouraging news of Calvin’s job loss this week (or really, I guess, because of), I really wanted to make sure I sat down to do a Gratituesday post today.  I wanted to recognize that I do still have much to be thankful for.  
  • I am especially thankful for my husband and daughter.  This past week, we’ve read some accounts of families whose hearts are aching with loss right now.  As I read and pray, I am reminded of how blessed I am.  
  • As I posted on Saturday, we are praising God that we still have a place to live for now. 
  • God continues to multiply our grocery provisions, and our pantry/refrigerator/freezer remain stocked at this point.  
  • We have been thankful for internet access that allows Calvin to search and apply for jobs online.  I was remembering the agonizing process of watching my dad search for jobs in the 80’s, as he individually typed out each resumè on the typewriter!  Although this job application process is still tedious, we are certainly blessed by a greater efficiency and access to information.  
  • We have been thankful for our time together as a family, since Calvin has been home.  We were able to visit family members that we hadn’t seen in quite awhile, as they put on an estate sale at Grandma’s old house (she passed away a couple weeks ago).  We also had time to have a picnic at the park the other day, as well!  
Go to Laura’s blog for other Gratituesday posts, and remember to keep Laura’s family in your prayers. 
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