Gratituesday: Fresh Air

This week, we have been incredibly thankful for fresh air!  The weather turned warmer this weekend, so I started opening up the windows.  As the cool evening breezes swept through our home, we remembered how we weren’t able to enjoy the fresh air last year.  

(Previously, we had chain-smoking neighbors living in the apartment below us, and as they smoked on their patio, the stench would quickly fill our home if a window or door was opened.) Those neighbors moved away during this past winter.  
Also, this year, we also have an air conditioner installed in our living room (through a window)! We turned it on last night, and it was such a blessing!  We also appreciated that we had fresh air flowing through our A/C, and not smoky air- especially with our allergies.  Hopefully, this will make it more comfortable not only for us, but also for friends and family’s visits over the next few months.  (Being in a 3rd floor apartment, it gets quite warm- especially if I’m baking, running the dishwasher, or washing machine!)  
Plus, now that we have fresh air, I have been able to hang laundry outside to dry when the weather is nice.  I love bringing in clean, line-dried diapers!
I don’t think I will take fresh air for granted ever again; especially while living in the city!  We are thankful that God has blessed us with an extra measure of comfort this week.  
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