Homemade Yogurt!

I made my first batch of homemade yogurt!  I followed the recipe in this book, and left it in an insulated cooler (per instructions) overnight.  I checked it later this morning, and it does indeed appear to be yogurt!  I’m sure we will be tasting it later today.  (We eat a lot of yogurt! We have been known to go through a large 64 oz tub in a week!)  

I have set a new goal to make more of our food from scratch.  This will eliminate a lot of packaging, as well as freeing up more of our grocery budget for purchasing raw milk and organic foods.  I already have been baking our bread for the past few months, and I don’t buy “boxed mix” meals.  Our packaged foods that I am focusing on eliminating now are things like crackers, cereal, granola bars, pastas, and yogurt.  

I am also eliminating the frequent grocery shopping trips.  By limiting my grocery purchasing to the monthly co-op order, the weekly raw milk pick-up, and weekly/bi-monthly Farmer’s Market trip, I save a quite a bit of gas and time! I’m not popping into the store every other day for some little thing that I forgot.  I’m also not spending my Sunday afternoons clipping coupons, and scouring ads for sales anymore!  (I’ve found that most of the coupons are for things that we don’t use anyway.)  

I took a look at what I already have, placed a large co-op order for the next couple of months, and it arrived on Friday.  I purchased about 20 lbs of organic flours, 15 lbs of organic legumes, 20 lbs of organic grains, 4 lbs of pesticide-free nuts, 10 lbs of free-range chickens, 3 lbs of organic onions, 10 lbs of organic carrots, and 8 lbs of organic oranges (among other things).  

Maybe eventually, I can be like Kate, and post what our summer monthly meal plan looks like.  But I’m still in the trial & error phase right now, and don’t have it all down on paper- it’s just in my head!  :)  I will be posting this week’s meal plan later today, though.  

Our local Farmer’s Market opens on Sunday, so we plan to restart our routine of going to the Farmer’s Market on weekends for fresh produce.  Our lettuce and chives have been growing nicely, but our kale isn’t faring so well.  We put in an application to join a CSA, but we haven’t heard back yet on whether we were accepted.  

We are really excited about the changes we’ve been making!  

UPDATE: Yogurt Verdict:  Delicious!  :)  
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