Living A Simple Life- Part 4 (Family)

Thank you so much for joining me for Part 4 of my Simple Living series on Thursdays!  You can read other “installments” here: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.  Feel free to leave a comment, letting me know how you are simplifying your life, and what areas you find more challenging.

This week, we were faced with a chance to put our “Simple Living” mindset into practice once again.  Calvin was offered a wonderful opportunity at work, but it will also involve some extra training time at first.  We decided that he should definitely use this opportunity, and the additional time would be worth it!  However, when Calvin brought his training schedule home, we realized that it would conflict with our family plans.  
For the past few years, we have formed a family tradition of camping at the beach sometime during the week of Mother’s Day (or over the weekend).  I love it!  It is usually an inexpensive time of rest and rejuvenation.  We get to enjoy the sounds of the ocean, and escape the crowds. Since we live in the city, it is important that we take time to get out “into nature” and experience God’s creation.  We chose to live in an area that has quick access to the beach as well as the mountains.  (This in itself, was an act of simplifying our lives.  We get to our destinations sooner, and don’t spend a whole day just traveling!)  
When we first looked at the new schedule, we were tempted to push aside our family tradition for the work schedule, as was our old habit of giving work a higher priority than our family.  Thankfully, though, God whispered to our hearts the importance of being called away with Him for a special family time.  We knew that we shouldn’t allow old habits to seep back into our way of life.  Part of the reason why we have chosen to simplify our life, has been to allow more family time.  
God has also blessed Calvin with an understanding employer.  Calvin was able to call and arrange a new training schedule that will accommodate our family’s plans.  In the past, we were often quick to assume that we just had to go along with whatever assignment we were faced with, and our family time suffered.  Now, we are learning to seek God’s will in how we should respond, and look to His priorities.  We believe that He has called us to protect our family traditions, while still calling Calvin to be a faithful worker for his employer.  
God is always steadfast in guiding us through making decisions, as we seek after Him.  When we know that a decision has been made with God’s help, we can be at peace in the outcome.  
To be continued… Join me next week for Part 5!
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