Living A Simple Life- Part 7

Welcome to Part 7 of my series on living a simple life.  You may read other installments of my journey here.  I have really appreciated your e-mails, comments, questions, and encouragement over the past weeks, as you have read these posts.  I have loved hearing about the goals and dreams many of you have!  

Sometimes I find myself caught up in the mindset of “what I can do.”  What can I do to make this situation better?  What solutions can I find?  What can I create?  In a sense… How can I be a “savior” to my family?  

As painful as it may be, I am thankful when God pricks my heart, pointing this out to me.  “My daughter,” He says, “let go… let me… allow me to be your Savior, your Abba (Daddy)… your Jehovah Jireh (provider)… Be still and know that I am God.”  

Although God calls me to care for my family as a wife and mother, he certainly does not call me to do His job!  As He places the dream of living simply upon my heart, He reminds me that ultimately, by allowing God to work, life is much simpler.  I am not trying to “do it all.”  I need to relinquish my will, my desires, and my dreams to him; to place my home and family in His hands.  

Whether it is a tight budget, a parenting concern, a car maintenance issue, a health matter, or any other “worry,” I need to relinquish it to God for guidance in His will.  I am once again reminded that God tells us not to worry.  

This morning, I was blessed with an opportunity to just dwell in His presence.  I took Gen for our usual morning walk, but the ladies I typically meet were not able to join us today.  Although it was tempting to turn around and go back home (“I have so much to do!”), I moved ahead with placing Gen in the stroller, and began our walk.  

As we made our way around the large pond, amidst the new green leaves of the overhanging trees, the sounds of the city faded.  Once again, I felt God’s whisper of “Rest in me, dear one.”  Gen quietly admired her surroundings, thrilled at the birds and fountains around us.  As I pushed the stroller, I continued my prayers.  There was nothing I wanted more than to be in God’s presence.  I breathed in the fresh, dewy morning air, and listened to the chirping of birds.  We admired the new baby geese and ducks, and tossed them a snack to share.  Suddenly, grocery shopping didn’t seem so urgent anymore; in fact, I decided not to go at all. 

Yes, this is “Simple Living.”  I am taking time to enjoy God’s creation, and the quietness of His presence.  I am not rushing around to various activities, and seeking “fulfillment” by filling my life with busyness.  I’m just simply His.  

To be continued… Join me next week for Part 8!
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1 comment to Living A Simple Life- Part 7

  • PaulKatieM

    Thank you so much for your post! It was such an encouragement to me! Our society drills that I need to have my kids in so many play groups and activities. This was such an encouragement to me to keep my life simple instead of rushing everywhere!!



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