Re-Entering Civilization

Being sick in bed this week necessitated restocking the book supply!  I picked up a stack of books to read earlier this week.  I made it easy by going online, putting books on hold, and then picking them up at the library.  Here are some of the books in my “to read” stack right now:

However, I tended to fall asleep before I got very far into any of them!  :) I can’t believe how much I slept.  I would wake up and look at the clock, shocked at the hours that had passed. Then I would fall asleep for a couple hours more!  
 I finally felt well enough today to re-emerge into public to attend a Mom’s Bible Study.  It was our last one of the season, and I really didn’t want to miss it.  Afterward, I spent time browsing at Powells, shopping for birthday gifts.  (I can’t believe our oldest nephew is going to be two!)  I was still a bit too bleary to focus on much of anything at a time, so I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to go back again sometime!  I was able to find the gifts I went for, though.  
Summer is gradually arriving here.  After a few days of temperatures around 100*, it has cooled off a bit, and the rain has returned.  (Our lettuce is thankful.)  :)  During one of our days of hot weather, Calvin took Gen out to the apartment pool for her first swimming experience! (Amazingly, we didn’t use it at all last summer!)  I wasn’t up to traipsing off with them, but did manage to snap a few photos of her in a lime green swimsuit before they took off.  
Even though it’s drizzling off and on today, Calvin fired up the barbecue for the first time this year!  Salmon is grilling on it right now.  We picked up the old grill from a “free” ad in the classifieds a year or two ago, and it has definitely been a blessing!  We got some additive-free charcoal from Whole Foods (shown in this guide) for barbecuing our salmon.  
We’re still facing into the unknown… waiting for answers… clinging to hope… and trying not to fear the future.  We’re trying hard to just rest in God, and take our petitions to the throne of grace, as we await answers (that supposedly were going to be given days ago).  We have peace in knowing that we are in God’s hands and He is with us, despite what the world may do.  
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