Works For Me Wednesday: Cleaning Product

For the past year or so, I have been using a “natural, non-toxic, biodegradable” cleaner for pretty much everything!  I use Bi-o-kleen’s Super Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner.  I love it!  
I dilute it well with water (per directions on the bottle) into a spray bottle.  One 16 oz bottle of concentrate will easily last me for months!  Even better, I have recently found a local source where I can purchase the cleaner in bulk, so that I don’t have to purchase anymore plastic bottles!  
We regularly clean off kitchen counters, the high chair tray, and the bathroom with this spray. I also use it for stain removal on laundry (especially cloth diapers!) and carpets- it even got melted chocolate chips out of our couch!

Recently, I took my spray bottle to help a friend clean an old Victorian home she had been renting, and it worked wonderfully for cleaning those decorative walls and doors.  

Last summer, my little sister came back from the beach with a bag full of stinky seashells which she wanted to take on the airplane home with her!  I gave her a basin of water along with this cleaner, and put her to work.  Awhile later (accounting for the inevitable dawdling, of course), she had beautiful (non-stinky) souvenirs!  (Unfortunately, this product doesn’t prevent breakage through baggage claim, though.)  
The bottle also claims that it is good for heavy cleaning (boats, RVs, garages, etc.), but I haven’t had the luxury of attempting that kind of cleaning! :)  
This is not a paid advertisement or anything; it just works for me
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