Farmer’s Market Finds

This morning, we took a quick trip to the Farmer’s Market to pick up some fresh produce.  We got some kale, lettuce, parsley, spring onions, raw honey, and a half flat of strawberries!
I’m not sure I really needed the onions, but since Gen asked so adorably for them- surprising me by correctly identifying them and pronouncing the word!- that I just had to get them! :)  We’ll definitely make use of them, though.  
We had fun browsing through the different farm booths, finding familiar favorites and discovering ones that were new to us. We were especially excited to find a local source for raw honey!  
It was nice to be able to speak with the farmers, and ask them about their practices.  This is often very informative!  Many farms are not “Certified Organic,” but still have very high standards, and are quick to tell you that they are “spray free” farms, and describe their procedures to you.

Many of them are also incredibly friendly; helping suggest the perfect variety for a favorite recipe.  We came home with a different variety of strawberries than we originally planned on, due to a farm worker’s recommendation for our jam.  They are delicious!  (We munched on a few during our drive home.)  

This afternoon, I made freezer jam with the strawberries, using Pomona’s Pectin.  (I love this stuff!)  I was able to get about 8 pints of jam from the half flat of berries.  (I’m using a stock photo of strawberries for this post, since mine are all squished now.)  :)
I’m looking forward to creating some recipes with all this fresh produce!  Stop by later this week to see what I come up with. 
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