Frugal Friday: Gourmet Popcorn

Have you ever browsed through those gourmet food catalogues?  You know, the ones where you can buy a selection of gourmet flavored popcorn, assorted fruit baskets, or a tower of nuts and candies?  I am always shocked at the price for some of these simple gifts; prices often range from $40-$100!  
But the flavor selections are always inspiring.  So, after drooling over this bit of inspiration, Calvin and I headed to the kitchen!  We love finding new recipes, as well as creating our own for a fraction of the catalogue cost (and we use organic popcorn from our co-op!).  
We have various flavors of popcorn that we enjoy.  Here are some of our favorites:
  • Cinnamon Popcorn: We’ve found that the butter/sugar amounts seem excessive.  Reduce them proportionally, and it is delicious.  
  • Peanut Butter Popcorn: Honey can be substituted for the corn syrup. If it is too sticky for your taste, you can bake it in the oven on a baking sheet for a short while.  Chopped nuts are a fun addition, too!
  • Caramel Corn: Make sure to add the peanuts for a Cracker Jack taste!
  • Kettle Corn: Tastes like the kind at the Farmer’s Market!
  • Pizza Popcorn: A great savory-instead-of-sweet option.  We didn’t even bother to bake it.  Leftovers went into this Popcorn Salad!
  • Chili Popcorn: We don’t use the butter spray or the Parmesan, usually.  If you want it less spicy, leave out the cayenne, too.  Just a simple sprinkle of chili powder, salt, and garlic powder is delicious! 

So, the other night we sat down with our large bowl of cinnamon popcorn and a game of Scrabble for an inexpensive “date night” at home.  

Also, I have noticed that many of the gourmet food companies are promoting Father’s Day sales right now.  So, keep Dad in mind while you’re popping up some gourmet flavors- he might just like a batch for himself!  Caramel Corn keeps especially well.  Try decorating an old tin, box, or jar, and filling it with popcorn for an inexpensive homemade gift!  
For more Frugal Friday ideas, go to Biblical Womanhood!  
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