Gratituesday: A Blessed Trip

We spent almost a week visiting Calvin’s family, and returned home yesterday.  As we visited with friends and family, I daily thanked God for blessing us with these people in our lives.  (I only wish we lived closer, so that we could interact more often!)

I loved hearing words of wisdom as his Dad spoke of his times of worshipping God, speaking with women who are modeling Godly mothering to me (wow, I wish they could disciple me!), seeing Gen watch the older kids displaying honor and obedience to their parents, and watching Gen explore the beautiful outdoors with her grandma and aunts!  
One day, we had a short visit with this family. It was so fun to spend time with them, and for Gen to be able to play with the kids!  I came home with some darling drawings to put on my refrigerator!  
Another day, we visited this family.  I loved trekking around outside and telling jokes with the 3 oldest kids, and munching on popcorn with the little ones.  Seeing Gen being pushed around in a yellow Tonka truck was hilariously fun, too!  I ended up sipping the delicious raspberry tea around the backyard, and didn’t actually spend much time chatting, though. (Sorry, Kendra!  Maybe next time!)  :)  The dads had a good chat, though, which Calvin really appreciated.  
The day we left to return home, the weather was hot and sunny.  Since our tiny car was crammed full, and lacked air conditioning, we *had* to stop and get ice cream to eat in the car to cool off- yum! :)  We also stopped at every rest area to stretch our legs under the cool shady trees.  
During this trip, we also appreciated the time we had to dream toward the future (more about this later!).  We discussed hopes, dreams, and “plans” as we set goals for our family for the next several years.  We’re excited to see what God will do!  
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