Living A Simple Life-Part 10 (Vehicle Musings)

In the midst of packing to leave on our trip to visit family, we have also been trying to sell our car!  (Calvin was just saying, “Isn’t it funny how sometimes God ‘pushes us into’

On Monday, we received the mechanic’s estimate that the needed repairs would likely cost about 10x what we had hoped.  We could have continued down the path of plunking down our savings, in order to repair our 2nd car.  But we decided that it would be wiser and simpler to just sell it.  Suddenly, the pride and ownership of having a second car really didn’t seem so attractive.
After some research, we posted the car on Craigslist for what we believe to be a fair price, and have received several inquiries.  We’re just waiting for God to bring a buyer.  Even though we still have the car, we are already living as if we were a “one car family.”  
Although the state of having only one car requires some additional logistics and communication (isn’t that a good thing- more communication?), we’ve also acknowledged additional benefits (besides avoiding a repair bill!).  
We will be eliminating the costs in maintaining a car, gas prices, insurance, etc.  We may need to make use of the widely available public transportation in our area at times.  There is also the potential for more together time as a family, when we don’t have the option of using separate cars.  Having one car causes us to rethink errands a bit more, and evaluate their necessity:  Do they really need to be done now (or at all)?  Can we all travel together as a family to complete our tasks, instead of separately going across town?  If we’re not running unnecessary errands, we can also potentially save ourselves the time and money that would have been spent on that excursion.  
We’re still at the “experimental stage” at this point in living as a “one car family.”  We will see how it goes through the summer, and reevaluate the situation when Calvin heads to school full-time in the fall.  We’re also praying for a steady job for him, so we will see what arrangements can be made then.  
We are continuing to place our hopes, concerns, and desires in God’s hands, and lean on Him for guidance in this journey of life.  We daily pray for His provision, and feel overwhelmingly blessed by all that He has given us.  
So, how are you simplifying your life?  I’d love to hear!  Feel free to leave comments to talk among yourselves while I’m out of town this week.  (I had hoped to have scheduled posts, but there has been technical difficulties.  Sorry!)  
To be continued… Join me next week for Part 11!  To read other posts in this series, start here
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1 comment to Living A Simple Life-Part 10 (Vehicle Musings)

  • Anonymous

    We started simplifying our life after baby #1. I am a SAHM and money was starting to get a bit tight (especially after getting the car repaired) so we decided to get rid of it. What a great decision.
    Now I use public transport almost all the time, even now with baby #2.
    Other than that:
    – I started menue planning and only buy stuff that we really need and I know we'll eat
    – I got rid of two insurences that just cost a lot and didn't make a lot of sense
    – I started growing herbs in our garden (we only moved here middle of July)
    – I hope to get a sewing machine for my birthday – that way I can make a lot myself :)
    – we hardly ever go out – we enjoy our meals in our home
    – we have an oven where we can burn wood (in addition to our central heating). The wood we get from our garden, so it's free and we can really save a lot of gas
    – we have a dryer, that I seldom use (saves electricity) and it doesn't take so much longer to hang up the clean laundry and let it dry
    – I like to get clothes, toys, books, … second hand
    – as we moved to our new home this summer, I want to really have a good look at the stuff we have and get rid of whatever we don't need (but that takes time – I'm still working on that one :)



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