Menu Plan Monday

We are thoroughly enjoying all the fresh Farmer’s Market produce we’ve been blessed with these past couple weeks.  Although we’ve been trying to add a bit more meat to our meals over the past few months; it is so easy for us to slip back into vegetarian eating with this fabulous abundance of produce!  

We actually went to two markets this weekend, and came home with lots of fresh greens, herbs, berries, cherries, zucchini, carrots, and radishes.  Also, the weather has been incredibly hot this week, so I’m trying to avoid using the oven as much as possible.  I am planning summery meals and limiting my baking.  I baked a couple loaves of bread this past week, so I won’t need to bake any this week.  
Breakfast: Leftover Sourdough Coffee Cake, Turkey Sausage
Lunch: Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks
Dinner: Chilled Radish Buttermilk Soup, Homemade Bread, Chef Salad (with eggs, cheese, & sprouted sunflower seeds)
To Do: Soak Porridge, Make Mayonnaise, Thaw Ground Turkey, Soak Brown Rice (make extra for Wed.), Feed Sourdough Starter, Make Lacto-Fermented Ginger Carrots
Breakfast: Nourishing Traditions Porridge, Strawberries, Eggs
Lunch: Salmon Salad Sandwiches, Watermelon
Dinner: Italian-Style Swiss Chard*, Caribbean Coconut Curry Sauce over Sweet Potatoes & Brown Rice
*=Note: Save Chard Stems for Thursday

To Do:  Soak Chickpeas, Soak Tortilla Batter, Soak Lentils
Breakfast: Toast with Jam, Eggs
Lunch: Super Fresh & Tasty Lentil Salad (Thanks, Sarah!), Strawberries, Homemade Bread
Dinner: Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps, Asian Cucumber Ribbon Salad, Cherries, Rice w/Green Onions (use brown rice & omit olives!)
To Do: Make Tortillas, Cook Chickpeas, Make Butter, Soak Muesli, Boil Eggs (for Thurs. & Fri.), Prepare Radishes
Breakfast: Nourishing Traditions Muesli (with Almonds, Dates, & Maple Syrup)
Lunch: Radishes with Chive Cream Cheese, Homemade Tortillas with Kale/Chickpea Spread, Hard Boiled Eggs
Dinner: Chard Stem Gratin, Stovetop Polenta, Blueberries
To Do: Make Yogurt, Make Turkey Breakfast Sausage, Soak Bulgur
Breakfast: Breakfast Bulgur, Berries, 
Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches w/Lettuce, Carrot Sticks
Dinner: Grilled Bison Burgers, Chipotle Mashed Potatoes w/Fresh Cilantro, Watermelon
To Do: Soak Muffin Batter for Sunday, Freeze Herbs (if necessary), Start Sprouting Sunflower Seeds
Breakfast: Buttermilk Pancakes, Peanut Butter, Fresh Carrot/Fruit Juice
Lunch: Sautèed Kale with Lemon Tahini Dressing (used in Crepes), Strawberries
Dinner: Cheddar/Tomato/Herb Omelets, Pan-Fried Potatoes w/Fresh Parsley, Watermelon
To Do: Bake Muffins and Homemade Crackers (from Super Baby Food), Bake & Freeze Zucchini Bread
Breakfast: Lemon Muffins, Nourishing Traditions Breakfast Sausage
Lunch: Salmon Salad & Crackers, Blueberries, Carrot Sticks
For more Menu Plan Monday ideas, visit Laura’s blog at Heavenly Homemakers!  She’s hosting MPM this week while the Organizing Junkie is on vacation.  
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