School With Daddy

Calvin’s finals week is quickly approaching, and he has been doing a lot of studying and research lately, in preparation for his final exams/presentations.  However, whenever Gen sees someone sitting down with a book, she thinks it must be story time, and tries to crawl in their lap!   Since he has been home a lot more lately, Gen is loving all the extra opportunities to tag along with Daddy.  Calvin was trying to juggle studying, along with loving on his baby.

So, the obvious solution was to let her “do school” with Daddy!  Calvin has been studying especially hard for his Spanish class.  Well, Gen has a really neat Spanish book for kids given to her by Nana (the pictures are all scenes made out of Fimo clay!).  She sat there at the table with him “studying” her book for quite awhile!  
Here is a picture of the two of them “studying” together:
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