Works For Me Wednesday: Dish Scrubber

We often order bulk produce from our co-op, such as oranges or onions that come in those mesh bags.  I really didn’t like having to just throw them away- it seemed so wasteful!  So, I decided to make them into dish scrubbers!  They’ve worked out quite well.  Plus, I’ve saved money not having to buy dish scrubbers.

(See the slideshow below for a visual aid.) 
  • First, cut off the paper label from one end, so you are left with only the mesh.
  • Then fold the mesh in overlapping thirds to make a square.
  • Fold the mesh again in overlapping thirds to make a tall, thin rectangle.
  • Fold the top and bottom edges into overlapping thirds to form a smaller rectangle.  
  • Place a rubber band or tie around the middle to hold it all together.  It’s complete!
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