An Evening of Simplicity

On Thursday, a friend invited me to an informal home schooling presentation for Friday. Calvin and I were both interested in it, so in a whirl of last minute arrangements, a dear friend came to babysit Gen for an hour and a half while we attended the presentation last night.  It was just down the block from our home, so we were able to take an evening walk- just the two of us!  It was so nice.

When we got home, we tucked Gen into bed, and then spent the rest of the night catching up with our family’s best friend.  Since it was a “last minute” get-together, I didn’t do any food preparations ahead of time.  We had part of a carob-peanut butter cake (adapted from a recipe in Feeding the Whole Family) leftover from a few nights ago.  Since it was sitting in my pretty glass cake stand, it still looked appetizing! 
Just before our friend arrived, I made sure the cloth napkins were clean and folded.  Then, I pulled down a couple of my decorative, leaf-shaped, hand-painted bowls (a holiday gift years ago).  I rinsed off handfuls of cherries and yellow pear tomatoes, and filled the bowls.  A jar of iced tea and a pitcher of water were in the fridge.  Then, that evening, by request, we brewed up cups of hot ginger and apple teas (from the Asian market).  
Over our plates of cake and fruit, and cups of tea, we were able to delve into the depths of each other’s walks with God, share a recent grief, and discuss the joys of teaching our daughter. What a blessing!  Plus, she requested that we call her more often for babysitting.  
We discussed future ideas for getting seasonal fruit together from local orchards, in addition to our regular Farmer’s Market trips together on Sundays.  I gave her a quick tutorial on making freezer jam, and extended an open invitation for her to use my kitchen.  (Depending on what her roommates are up to this evening, she may come over to use my canning supplies.)  
A simple, beautiful evening.  
Graphic courtesy of Gayla’s Graphics.  
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