Gratituesday: Walks

I am thankful for walks (and sidewalks)! :)  They are such a nice opportunity to get outside, and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.  I was able to go on two walks with Gen today, and she was thrilled to “go bye-bye!”

We started out with our usual one in the morning at the library with my walking group.  Then, in the evening, we walked down to the local shopping center/street intersection to wait for Calvin at the bus stop.  (He was on his way to school after work, and we met him to bring his dinner.)  Then, we were able to walk together part of the way.  Gen & I went home, and Calvin continued on to school.
It has been so nice to be able to put Gen in the stroller or baby carrier, instead of driving everywhere!  Plus, Calvin called our insurance agent today, and was able to lower our car insurance rates, since we don’t use our cars very often anymore.  Now I’m really thankful for walks!  
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