Homeschooling Wednesday: Reading to Toddlers

I have a curious little toddler (almost 20 mos.) who loves learning new things! She is a real bookworm, and will choose to spend much of her day browsing through the books on our bookshelf, and the stack from the library. (She cries if we go past the library, and don’t get a book!) She is rarely without a book in hand.

Even though we’re not in a “formal schooling program,” reading to little ones is so important (even babies!). Gen is getting to the stage now where she will sit on my lap and listen to a whole story (instead of just quickly flipping through the pages to see the pictures).  
The other day, I was visiting with some friends who have an older toddler with a speech delay.  

He gravitated toward me all evening, asking me to read the stack of  books in Gen’s diaper bag.  He began with using his sign for “More” once he knew I understood him, and as we continued reading, he started speaking specific words pertaining to the story.  He loved the wordless book In My Garden by Ermanno Cristini and Luigi Puricelli.

In reading For the Children’s Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, I discovered her recommendation for the book:
Honey For a Child’s Heart: The Imaginative Use of Books in Family Life by Gladys Hunt. What a wonderful resource!

Honey For a Child’s Heart is full of recommended book lists, grouped by the reader’s age. For the youngest ones, she suggests board books. I love the lists of classics, and was reminded of some of my childhood favorites. She recommends books that will be “treasures” to children; books that cause little ones to think and appreciate the “cadence of select words” and enjoy the illustrations.
I love using this book to guide me in my search for books at the library, or when creating a wish list for Nana at Christmas-time. Right now, some of our favorites that she recommends are:

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