Menu Plan Monday

Yesterday, we went to a local farm with a friend to go berry picking.  While we were there, we also purchased some other local, sustainably-grown produce- including 25 lbs of cucumbers! I’ve been making pickles and jam all weekend!  I also finally found some rhubarb and fennel.  

Since I’m making more room in the freezer (after reorganizing it last week), most of our meals will be leftovers out of the freezer. Calvin’s birthday is on Thursday, so I’ll try to do something special; probably on Friday, though, since he has class on Thursday night.  I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, and he said “Surprise me.”  I need cake suggestions! Feel free to leave me a recipe or a link to your favorite ones in the comments.  Thanks! :) 
Cucumbers are taking over every inch of our stovetop and kitchen right now, so for dinner tonight, we just roasted red potatoes (with olive oil and fresh parsley) and some fish (with butter, lemon, garlic, and dill) in the oven, along with a fresh green salad.  Yum!  We also made butter tonight for the week.  We just finished the iced tea we’ve been sipping on all week: Kimi’s delicious Thai Iced Tea.  
Breakfast: Leftover Baked Oatmeal (from freezer), Eggs
Lunch: Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches, Lacto-Fermented Ginger Carrots, Cherries
Dinner: Potluck with friends (take Chicken Sausages to grill, and Cucumber Dill Salad)
To Do: Parboil Sausages, Make Lacto-Fermented Cucumbers, Feed Sourdough Starter, Boil Eggs
Breakfast: Breakfast Bulgur
Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches, Watermelon
Dinner: Elk Meat Fajitas, leftover Kohlrabi Pureè
To Do: Hang Dill to Dry, Make Rhubarb-Rose Jam, Soak Muesli, Thaw Lamb, Soak Brown Rice
Breakfast: Nourishing Traditions Muesli, Eggs
Lunch: Veggie Wraps, Nuts, Berries
Dinner: Honey Baked Lentils (from freezer), Coconut Rice, Watermelon
To Do: Start Sourdough Bread (from Plenty),  Make Breakfast “Pizzas,” Bake Birthday Cake, Pick up Milk, Thaw Ground Turkey
Breakfast: Turkey Bacon & Egg “Pizzas”, Juice
Lunch: Tuna Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks, Cucumber Slices
Dinner: Chilled Cucumber Soup, Watermelon, Sourdough Bread & Butter, Cheese Slices
To Do: Bake Sourdough Bread, Frost Cake, Make Mayonnaise, Make Butter
Breakfast: Cinnamon Toast, Eggs
Birthday Dinner: Roast Lamb with Fennel Tsatsiki, Sourdough Bread & Butter, Steamed Sesame Chard, WatermelonAde, Birthday Cake
To Do: Soak Pancake Batter, Make Nourishing Traditions Turkey Sausage
Breakfast: Buttermilk Pancakes, NT Turkey Breakfast Sausage
Lunch: Salmon & Veggie Soup, Sourdough Bread
Picnic Dinner: Egg Salad Sandwiches, Watermelon, Leftover Cake, Iced Tea
To Do: Soak Porridge
Breakfast: Nourishing Traditions Porridge, Eggs
Lunch: Turkey & Black Bean Meatloaf (from freezer), Green Salad
Picnic Dinner: Cheese Slices, Berries, Sourdough Bread & Butter, Cucumber Slices, leftover WatermelonAde
To Do: Order Milk
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