Saturday Brunch

We decided not to let our small living space deter us from enjoying time with friends, so we invited a wonderful family of 5 over for brunch this morning.  (We decided that we’re not truly living, unless we’re able to share hospitality and time with friends!)  No, we didn’t have enough chairs, but it worked out fine.  It was great to see the kids playing- even amidst passing rain sprinkles!  

Here was today’s menu:
Scrambled Eggs with Tillamook Cheese
Pan-Fried Potatoes with Fresh Parsley (served with organic ketchup) 
Kale Gratin (with a Bechamel Sauce made with Brie Cheese)
Strawberry & Cherry Cobbler
Homemade Yogurt
Emily’s Rhubarb Muffins (she brought them)
Orange Juice
Organic Coffee
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