The Simple Woman’s Daybook

July 14, 2008
Outside my window:  Diapers are blowing in the breeze, where they are hanging to dry.  
I am thinking: I am wondering how late Gen is going to sleep in this morning! 
I am thankful for: We had enough volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House last night.  
From the kitchen: Black beans are soaking, and huge Italian zucchinis are resting in my fruit bowl.  Clean dishes are waiting to be put away.  
I am wearing: A long, black & purple-flowered April Cornell shirt-dress.  
I am creating: A restful atmosphere at home today.  
I am reading: Living A Beautiful Life, by Alexandra Stoddard (one of my favorites!)
I am hoping: God encourages and heals the patients and families we met last night.   
I am hearing: The fans blowing, and a quiet “world” CD from the library: “Borderlands.”  
Around the house: There are stacks of books from our trip to the library yesterday.  
One of my favorite things: Awaking refreshed and ready to start a new day.  
A few plans for the week: A trip to the grocery store on Tuesday, and a family outing to the History Museum on Saturday.  
A picture thought I am sharing:  Who needs cheesecake, when you have a sweetie pie?  (She’s wearing the ring from a springform pan!) :)  

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