The Simple Woman’s Daybook

July 21, 2008
Outside my window: The sun is shining brightly.  
I am thinking: I am wondering if Calvin will have a new work assignment this week.  (His client passed away this weekend, so he is waiting for a new job assignment.)
I am thankful for: This extra time we have together as a family!
From the kitchen:  Kohlrabi is taking over my refrigerator.  I will cook it up for dinner tonight.  The juicer needs to be cleaned.  
I am wearing: A long sage/cream floral & paisley print April Cornell dress.  Hair is still down, drying from the shower.  
I am creating: A grocery list.  
I am reading: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, by Joanna Weaver
I am hoping: We have a pleasant outing this morning.  
I am hearing: Calvin loading dishes in the dishwasher, Spanish guitar music on the CD player, and Gen “reading” a book.  
Around the house: Gen’s books are spread all over the floor.  
One of my favorite things: A pancake breakfast with my family.  
A few plans for the week: A trip to the toy store for Gen today.  (Since her birthday is at Christmas-time, I saved a gift card to use halfway through the year.)  
A picture thought I am sharing: I cleaned out my freezer yesterday!  (Sorry, there were no “before” pictures- we couldn’t open the door without things falling on us!)  After Calvin told me that I couldn’t buy anything else to freeze, I knew I needed to rearrange the freezer- summer’s not even close to being over yet!  I also discovered some really old things (Flavorite Broccoli??) These are the “after” photos:
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