The Simple Woman’s Daybook

July 28, 2008
Outside my window: Tomato and pumpkin plants are growing incredibly fast.  
I am thinking: I hope our apartment building’s fire alarm stops going off with false alarms in the middle of the night.  We had to evacuate again at 4:00 am, until the alarm was turned off.  
I am thankful for: The beautiful produce filling my kitchen, and the wonderful time spent with my family while getting the produce at a farm this weekend.  We were also blessed to spend time with friends this weekend.  
From the kitchen: Jars of pickles are covering every surface, rhubarb and dill are standing in jars of water, and a large bowl of cucumbers still awaits me.  
I am wearing: A khaki skirt with rickrack trim, and an orange sleeveless sweater top.  
I am creating: A shopping list, a new jam recipe, and lots of pickles!
I am reading: Gluten-Free Girl, by Shauna James Ahern
I am hoping: My two-hour bus trip with Gen goes well this evening.  We will be meeting up with Calvin at a potluck across town, near his job assignment today.  
I am hearing: The fan blowing, and Gen turning pages in a book.  
Around the house: The “Things to Grab if There is A Fire” are all scattered by the front door, where we set them down early this morning, once we got back inside.  
One of my favorite things: The homey smell of freshly-ground spices filling my kitchen.  
A few plans for the week: A potluck tonight, Calvin’s birthday on Thursday (celebrating with a birthday dinner on Friday), and picnics at concerts in the park on the weekend.  
A picture thought I am sharing: Cucumbers!
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