Works For Me Wednesday: Easy Kiwi

Now that summer is here, I’ve been making fruit salads like crazy (somehow, they keep disappearing!).  I like to stay with local, seasonal fruits, but awhile ago, we ended up with a bag of kiwis.  A big bag.  That all ripened at the same time.  

“Ack!  Let’s hurry up and use the kiwis!” I said.  
So, I tossed a couple into lunchbags, and then began the makings of a fruit salad.  I was not at all motivated to stand there and peel and slice 80 million several kiwis, when I eyed my melon baller.  When I eat a kiwi, I usually just eat it with a spoon, so I knew this had to work.  
I sliced off the top of each kiwi, and set to work scooping it out with my melon baller, making little balls of kiwi.  It was perfect!  The job was quickly completed, and with very little mess.  It works for me!  
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