A Week of Culture

This week, we were blessed to view two wonderful events: the Oregon Symphony/Portland Opera and the Oregon Ballet Theatre!  They both had free events in the parks this week, and in following with our annual family tradition, we made sure to attend.  We all loved it.  
Gen danced, “conducted” from her seat, and “sang” along.  The grand finale fireworks were mesmerizing, as usual, and we were excited to run into some old friends (whom we hadn’t seen in a year).
We felt so blessed to be able to share the joy of music and dance with our daughter.  It was a dream come true.  For many years, we attended concerts as just the two of us, aching to share it with a little one.  We just looked teary-eyed at each other in gratefulness, as we snuggled together as a family on a picnic blanket under the stars.  
Image courtesy of Antique Clipart.com.  
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