Frugal Friday: $1.49 Baby Carrier

Since Gen was born, I had been using a wonderful sling carrier for her.  She and I have both loved it.  However, it eventually came time for a carrier that allowed her weight to be more balanced upon my shoulders.

I had been eyeing the Moby Wrap, but was uncertain if I would be able to figure out their wrapping/knotting procedure.  A friend kindly loaned me her wrap to try it out. With the help of their instructions, we quickly figured out how to use the carrier.  Calvin and I both carried Gen around using the carrier, and we all enjoyed it.  
We began saving up to buy a wrap.  But I soon figured out that I could probably make my own.  I began clipping fabric store coupons, hoping to make my own wrap carrier. However, 6 yards did not sound cheap!  Then one day, I was folding laundry, and realized that the jersey cotton pillowcases were similar to the wrap carrier!  
We headed over to the thrift store, and I found twin-sized sheets made of jersey cotton.  I didn’t have much of a color selection (compared to a fabric store), but I found an acceptable print that we both felt comfortable wearing.  (It was better than the construction orange or pink cartoon print!)  
Plus, the sheet was 50% off that day (check the “color of the day”).  So, I purchased one flat, twin sheet for $1.49!  
When I got home, I folded it in half longways, and cut along the fold.  I hemmed the cut edges, and then sewed the short ends of the long pieces together with a sturdy French seam to make a 6 yard length of fabric.  VoilĂ – a Wrap Carrier! :)  We each practiced putting it on, using the instructions we had already learned.  
Jersey does tend to stretch, so we occasionally need to tighten it, but it has been a perfect carrier so far.  Cotton may shrink in the wash, but it will stretch again after wearing.  
The wrap carrier is lightweight, and fits well in the car or diaper bag.  Plus, it fits both Calvin and I, so we only need to bring one carrier along with us.  We have worn Gen in a back-carry (shown in the photo), and in a front carry (perfect for sitting in my lap on mass transit!).  
Note: We are fairly “small” people.  If you discover that you need a longer wrap, just sew an appropriate sized square in the middle of the wrap (this will be the section that goes over the baby).  But, you might get away with just not wrapping it around your waist as many times before knotting it.  
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