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My friend Kendra at Heath Happenings, tagged me!  I am supposed to share six random things about myself and then tag six people to do the same.

1. I have a semi-permanent square “Teva Tan” on the tops of my feet.  (The only tan I ever get!) I wear my ten-year-old Teva sandals everywhere in the summer (even church), and Calvin calls me his “Teva Babe.”  (Is that one thing or two?)  I love these shoes!  (Oh, and mine have pretty flowers on them, but I think that pattern has been discontinued.)

2.  My favorite ice creams are Tillamook White Licorice, and Green Tea ice cream from Asian restaurants.  I have always been fascinated by Neapolitan, though; it seems like the perfect “compromise” ice cream.  Anything banana-flavored is disgusting.

3.  I have always wanted to have a Waterbirth.  But I have placed the dream of pregnancy and birth in God’s hands, and am content, even if it doesn’t happen.  (But sometimes I have to make sure I leave that dream in God’s hands, and not take it back and mull over it.)  By the way, I always wanted to adopt, too, and I’m so glad God has fulfilled that dream for us!

4.  I love embroidery, but rarely work on it.  As a wedding gift for Calvin, I embroidered us pillowcases with our wedding date and the quote “Henceforth, there will be such a oneness between us, that when one weeps, the other will taste salt.”

5.  I visit our library website at least once a day.  I have stacks of library books filling our living room at all times.  I am continually learning something new!

6.  I have always dreamed of writing a book.  I have it basically outlined in my head, and occasionally, Calvin and I will chat about it.  The publishing process baffles me, though.

So, the six people I am tagging are:

Image courtesy of Shabby Olde Potting Shed.
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