A Change in Seasons

I’m still here!  (Well.. just not “here” much.)

Now that fall is arriving, we’re not blockading ourselves in front of the air conditioner, away from 90 degree days.  We’ve been out enjoying the slow transition to autumn weather; picking our homegrown tomatoes, picnicking at the park, and immersing ourselves in books from the library.  
I restocked our tea supply during my shopping the other day, and we’ve been enjoying cups of hot tea during the cooler mornings and evenings.  I made batches of shampoo and deodorant this week, and placed our monthly co-op order for more staple items.  
I’ve also been sorting through clothes.  I took boxes of baby clothes to a local consignment sale (where I’ll be helping later in the week to earn a discount), and have been noting what Gen will need in the near future.  (Wow, she’s growing so fast!) 
Our kitchen cupboards are filling up with canned produce, and we’re looking forward to apple & pear season in October.  It has been so fun to realize how much room we have in our cupboards now that we’re not buying packaged foods (like cereals, pastas, and canned veggies)!  It has been much nicer to fill up our cupboards with my canning jars!  
We’re also in transition mode, as Calvin is beginning his new job.  He has decided to defer on paramedic school until next year.  (We were blessed to find out that he will be guaranteed a spot in next year’s class!)  This is such a nice chance to stop and take a deep breath.  One thing at a time.  

I’ve been spending time catching up with friends (relationships are so important to life, aren’t they?), and have been blessed by the extra encouragement some of you have sent in your notes to me lately.  The Chai Muffins we’ve been making recently have been perfect for brunches with friends.  

Speaking of notes, I know many of you have sent e-mails and left comments for me recently.  I have read through all of them, and will get back to you soon, if you requested a response.  Feel free to continue e-mailing me, as I do read and answer each one as time allows.  (Thank you for your patience, dear friends!)  
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