Apparently, It Is Still 1970 (at least in my world)

I thought this “Yearbook Yourself” program was hilarious, and had to try it out.  After downloading your photo into this picture-maker, it will create “yearbook-style” photos of yourself in the fashion style of different eras.  (It brings back the “romance” of watching old black-and-white movies, and dreaming of living in the “good old days!”)  

When the very first photo popped up, I was shocked to see my resemblance to my late grandma (in the “1950’s” photos).  Then I noticed striking similarities to my mom & aunt’s old class pictures (in the “60’s” photos).  I really wasn’t brave enough to post the scary 80’s photos.  
But it led to even more entertainment when I discovered “1970’s” photos of myself that looked a lot like my real high school year book photos!  (And my hairstyles haven’t really changed since.)  I can only imagine how much time those lovely ladies of bygone eras spent on their hair (especially those pincurls!).  
Let me know if you try this out. I’d love to see what you come up with! 

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