Menu Plan Monday

This week is “Family Favorites” week at Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.  I’m including some of our family’s tried-and-true favorites: Broccoli Salad, Asian Turkey Wraps using my homemade Peanut Sauce and Brown Rice, Chai Muffins, Homemade Breakfast Sausage, Smoothies, and Carrot Apple Salad.  (Links are all provided below.)  We picked up some gorgeous fall produce at the Farmer’s Market today, which I am excited to incorporate into our meals (eggplant, squash, apples).  

There is also an abundance of melon due to an overzealous toddler at the market.  (I was searching for a small melon; Gen found the biggest melon and accidently dropped it on the ground.  As it broke in half, revealing its delicious yellow fruit, we quickly assured the farmer that we would be purchasing that particular melon!)  

Calvin & I are also planning our first “getaway” alone- without a little one!  We wanted to make use of our backpacks one more time this fall, and to spend some much needed resting time together.  I’ll pack some easy camping food for us, and leave some easy food for Gen & friend for the weekend.  


Breakfast: Eggs, Sunny Peach Millet (from Feeding the Whole Family)
Lunch: Cheese Sandwiches, Melon, Carrot Sticks
To Do: Make Carrot-Apple Salad, Make GF Bread
Breakfast: Omelets, Toast
Lunch: Leftover Cabbage Casserole, Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches, Melon
Dinner: Baba Ghanoush, Sesame Crackers (similar to these), Carrot Apple Salad (similar to this one)
To Do: Co-op Order Due, Thaw Meat, Soak Rice, Soak Pancake Batter, Soak Beans for Soup
Breakfast: Gluten-Free Pancakes, Eggs
Lunch: Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps (use homemade peanut sauce), Brown Rice, Carrot Sticks
Dinner: Minestrone Soup, Cornbread, Melon
To Do: Pick Up Milk, Thaw Meat
Breakfast: Carrot-Apple Salad, Yogurt, Toast
Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches, Melon
Dinner: Collard Quiche, Leftover Soup
To Do: Make Breakfast Sausage, Thaw Zucchini Bread
Breakfast: Chai Muffins, Breakfast Sausage, Apple Slices
Lunch: Zucchini Frittata, Bread & Butter
Dinner: Salmon-Rice Patties, Melon
To Do: Soak Pancake Batter (for camping), Soak Rice, Soak Lentils
  • Gen: Leftover Salmon Patties, Melon (Cheese & Bread for Snack)
  • Us: Cheese Sandwiches, Melon (Popcorn for Snack)
  • Gen: Lentils, Brown Rice, Peas (from freezer)
  • Us: Chicken Sausage w/Buns & Mustard, Carrot Sticks
  • Gen: Breakfast Bulgur (no berries/sugar), Apple Butter, Tahini (Leftover Bread or Millet, and Melon for snack)
  • Us: Breakfast Burritos
Lunch: Cheese Slices, German Pancake, Smoothies
Dinner: Sausage & Apple Baked Squash, Green Salad
To Do: Order Milk
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