The Simple Woman’s Daybook

September 1st, 2008
Outside my window: Leaves on our potted plants are blowing in the wind.  
I am thinking: It is starting to feel a bit like fall.  I love it!  
From the learning rooms: I think the whole world is a learning room- at least for now!  
I am thankful for:  A date night with Calvin this weekend.  We went to a movie in the park! 
From the kitchen: I need to feed my sourdough starter, and prepare a marinade for some elk meat.  
I am wearing: A long light blue floral dress, and a cranberry-red cardigan jacket.  
I am creating: Some gift/sewing ideas in my head.
I am reading: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, for my book club.  
I am hoping: The lettuces that Calvin planted today will give us a good fall/winter harvest.  (It’s an experimental seed-starting endeavor at this point.  We’ll see what happens!)  :) 
I am hearing: Gen stirring in her crib, as she (hopefully!) falls asleep for her nap.  
Around the house: Boxes of baby clothes are waiting for a consignment sale this month.  
One of my favorite things: Autumn! 
A few plans for the week: A camping trip this weekend with friends.  
A picture thought I am sharing: Silly Sunglasses!

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