The Simple Woman’s Daybook

September 8th, 2008
Outside my window:  Flowerpots are scattered around, after Gen’s “gardening.”
I am thinking: I have a lot of things to tend to.  
From the learning rooms: Potty training is hard work! 
I am thankful for:  We were able to clear out more stuff.  A lady stopped by this morning to pick up a bag of things (through Freecycle).  
From the kitchen: A light summer meal of cottage cheese and fresh produce.  
I am wearing: A long dark blue/floral ruffled-edge skirt (made by my mom) and a light purple top.  
I am creating: Sourdough Bread
I am reading: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, for my book club.
I am hoping: To catch up on tasks after being gone for a few days.  
I am hearing: The hum of the air conditioner and a lullaby CD.  
Around the house: Bags are waiting to be unpacked, and laundry is sorted for washing.  
One of my favorite things: Snuggling up with my little girl and a book.  
A few plans for the week: Going to a local farm to get tomatoes and peaches (hopefully), picking up books at the library, and a backpacking trip for Calvin. 
A picture thought I am sharing: 

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