Works For Me Wednesday: Free Photo Editing

Do you ever find yourself longing for a way to brighten up that priceless night-time photo, remove the red eye on an otherwise precious moment, or just clear away a bit of blurriness?

When I need to do some quick photo editing, I like to use the free photo-editing program at Picnik.  You don’t even need to sign up for an account; just instantly load and fix a photo!  They have a more advanced account option, with more bells and whistles, but it’s still cheaper than purchasing Photoshop.  It’s definitely handy for getting those photos e-mailed to the grandparents before your kid has another growth spurt.  
I also like that I can convert large .jpg files into the quicker-loading .gif format.  This is great for quickly popping a photo up on your blog.  (Some aspects of the “Simple Living” button on my blog were made with Picnik.)  
Visit Rocks in My Dryer for more Works For Me Wednesday ideas!  
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